When do chickens usually start laying eggs

At what age should chickens start laying eggs?

Hi again.

Curious, at what age should hens start laying eggs?¿

Does it matter what Breed they are or is it pretty normal for all breeds to start laying at the same age?¿

I'm trying to calendar when I should put them on Laying/Breeding feed.
you did not mention how old your chickens were. so here is the answer they lay when there ready, some at 17 weeks, some at 22 weeks, some even later. it depends on the chicken the bird and the heat etc. so when your girls are ready they will let you know with hints...bright red waddles and combs , the egg stance ( she will lower her self when you come near her or pet her ( like a rooster who mounts a chicken. she is being sub servant.
some like EE'S do not lay until later, or Marans. sex links and RIR's do some times lay at 17 to 20 weeks. like i said there are hints and there are brreds, its a crap shoot lol
Laying feed should be given around 17/20 weeks I believe.
Hi - Different breeds mature at different times. Generally between 20-24 weeks for several breeds. Some like new hampsire red can even start at 16 weeks, whereas your EE's are between 24-28 weeks and Polish can be even later. Also depending on where you live the seasons can play a part. I live in CA so I don't have much of an issue but in colder places some will hold off till spring.

Hope that helps alittle.
Hi. Thanks for some feedback.

I live 45 mins NW of Phoenix so its hotttttt out here. 100+ the past few wks.

I have a Frizzle and a muted brown/flat feathered. 2 others are boys, and 1 Frizzles I still can't tell.

My girls are 10wks tomorrow.

They loveeee to play in their water bowls and flip them over.
So I'm looking for other options to water them.
Mine are just starting to lay. I found an egg today. The first one layed one about two days ago but they ate it. My chickens are about 4 months. I have Barred rocks. It all depends on what breed they are.
I started using an ice cream bucket (like a gallon I think) at about that age for that reason. It holds enough water that it's too heavy to flip over. I have been keeping a gatorade bottle of ice in it too to keep it cold in this weather!
I bought an automatic watering bowl at Tractor Supply. It cost around $25. They have one for $10 more that has a drain in it which I wish I bought instead because you can unscrew the drain and it cleans itself out. Chickens will fill it with a lot of "DIRT". It mounts to a wall or a post in the ground and you hook it up to a hose and forget it. in very cold weather I use a heat lamp to keep it from freezing.There is a float not unlike the float in a toilet tank that regulates the water level. I will never use anything else after having this type of waterer.
Mine lay at around 6 months. Depend on what and how you feed them also.
My frizzles started at about 5 1/2 months I think.

As for the watering I bought some watering cups (not the nipples) on eBay for $5 and joined them to a 15 litre water container using some automatic watering system pipe. It gravity feeds them so they never run out if water. About once a week I give them a quick squirt with the hose to keep them clean and I'm having to refill the main container about once a month (4 chooks)
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