Is the India postal service reliable

Hi, Does anyone have experience shipping to India using US Postal Service?

In the past, whenever I've shipped to India, I've always used a private express service - DHL, UPS, FEDEX - to ship vitamins or whatever. But now, I'd like to ship 6, 7 or ore boxes of books. If I use these private companies - and/or if I check it onto plane - the cost would be over the top - way above my budget.

The common wisdom is that if US post office is used, once they arrive in India, things get stolen. THe gov't postal service doesn't track items. But would books get stolen as well. Postal service has this thing called an "M" bag - everything is dumped into one enclosed bag and they give a better rate on books. I have no idea, however, of the risk. This is my private library, it's important to me, and I do not want my books stolen. Would anyone out there have experience shipping books or similar items using US postal service?

Thank you much for shedding any light......