Is donating plasma bad for you How

I'm a regular blood doner (around 114 pints I think) and some of those were donated as plasma. In fact, donating plasma is a good idea as you get all your red cells back, so you need less recovery time.

The trick about the blood pressure is to make you've eaten before you go in, and drink a bucket of water as well. Water will bring up your blood pressure to an acceptable level.

Just assure then that you've eaten a good breakfast before you came, and they won't force crackers on you.

They will probably be happy enough if you eat so they won't quibble if you eat cheese or meat or nuts instead of crackers. My blood bank provides all the usual junk food, but they have no problem with me taking the cheese out of the cheese sandwiches and dumping the bread.

65% fat, 30% protein, 5% carbs = keto. Funny science fiction for bodybuilders